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21 January 1982
I’m just your average complex, emotional wreckage of a human being spinning out of control on the path of life and trying to hold tight to what works.

I’m a writer extraordinaire, dabbling here and there and pissing off those anal bastards who will never. quite. get it.

I’m the girl who comes into your life and seduces the higher creative animal in you… we make the bed wet and you move higher up into the realms of art leaving me broken, ugly, the soul shrinker trying to be loved once more.

I write. I try to breathe. And then I write some more.

This is my day job. I sit here and work on my fingertip calluses. Long nails are for pussys.

What else is there to know about me?

I’m sick in the head and in the body and everyday brings new surprises and challenges. But I’m still alive so that’s a good sign. It’s hard going from a beautiful, out-going gal with a ton of potential to an over-weight introvert who struggles with things that most people can do without thinking about.

That’s for the doctors to worry about I suppose. You just get to benefit from the fruit of my neurosis.

I’ve recently been introduced to my inner visual artist and so I’ve jumped right into all things mixed media.

I love truth, even ugly truth. I love words and arranging them. I love my friends. I love George, my cat. I love my laptop. I love expression. I love too much.

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-Love M.